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“NO MAN EVER SPOKE LIKE THIS MAN!” Replied the burly GUARDS who returned empty-handed to the temple AUTHORITIES who had sent them to ARREST him. The MAN they had been ordered to arrest was a controversial TEACHER and MIRACLE worker living in first-century PALESTINE.

This thirty-something itinerant TEACHER reinterpreted their SCRIPTURES and taught a message of LOVE, compassion and forgiveness. He walked on WATER, raised DEAD people back to life, drove out DEMONS, healed the SICK and COMFORTED the broken-hearted. He was a friend of PROSTITUTES, lepers, tax collectors and sinners. His most AUDACIOUS claim was that he was the SON of GOD.

His mother named him Yeshua.
The world knows him as Jesus Christ.

Now get to know the man behind the name!

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"Shimon son of Yonah, do you love me more
than these?" Yeshua asked Shimon Kaypha.
Do you? See how many people love Yeshua.

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